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Date: 11th August 2016
Milk white diffuser wide beam angle uniformity SMD LED light bar
Slim and delicate body design, easy to be hided 45? profile beam angle; The product with top brand of High CRI (Ra>90 option) LED; Strict LED BIN management ensures the color uniformity; Ivory-white color diffuser cover makes the anti-glare light beaming well-distributed; Aluminum profile with anodized finishing has qualitative feeling; Customized length and power are welcomed.Detail SpecificationWith top brand SMD LED; Ivory-white color diffuser cover beam model, structure directional beam angle is 45?; Aluminium structure profile with anodized finishing; External LED driver; Light bar is installed into the mounting brackets which are fixed by screw; Light bar with #22 DC cable which connects to LED driver.If you are looking for one of the leading mini light bar, mini aluminum light bar, slim light bar, hard strip light manufacturers and factory, East Bright Technology Limited is always at your service.Model?No.DimensionPowerInputEfficacyCCT.CRI.Beam?Profile??L1050-300L300mmH10.6mm?W10.6mm4W12V?DC60lm/W3000K/4000K?Ra>90/Ra>80120?45?HorizontalL1050-600L600mmH10.6mm?W10.6mm8W12V?DC60lm/W3000K/4000K?Ra>90/Ra>80120?45?Horizontal
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